I Broke Up But I Regret It So Much...

incoming sms text: "Are you ok?"

outgoing sms text: "From my side, i felt something special when we were together. It hurts to know it wasnt good enough for you but im very grateful for the time you were willing to share with me"

incoming sms text: "It was as good or even better for me. But i couldn't say or do the things that i wanted to. I felt bad not being able to be as nice as id like to be when im with you but when i do, i felt guilty towards him. I'm sorry for hurting you, if it makes you feel better i want you to know that im hurt too i feel unbearable pain in my heart, i really do"

outgoing sms text: "You are wonderful in many ways Jenny, I know youll find happiness in whatever path you choose and whoever you choose to walk it with. I will miss you very much"

incoming sms text:  "I will miss you very much too. You will always be the special person in my heart. There will always be a secret place for you deep down, I love you"

I wish you'd have told me that more often. Maybe....maybe things would be different then. I love you too and will be thinking of you.... I really thought you were the One for me....

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kristiekimkim... ur absolutely right *grin*

I am not trying to get back with my ex's like that, ehehe. But I do want to be friends with them, I understand if they are not ready. Ok, maybe one ex, I want back. But he has his ways and... well, I think it starts with trust and we haven't got that. He's not giving it, so... that's that. Thanks for the luck wish. I do hope that each day gets better for me :) You're right. If it's meant to be, it will happen. Thank you for your kind words. I really needed it right now.

What is stopping you and your ex from gaining trust ? if you don't mind me asking why did you break up in the first place ?

noelak: If the girl you like was already with someone and spent time with you then she was officially cheating on her boyfriend, why would you want someone who cheats ?

amoot that was long time ago now we r just friends :) we got back to the best friends status and if u want it to work out for u if u want him back he will take u back if he loves u if he doesnt take u back then let him go and he will get back to u :) and dont push him so much cuz the more u push him the more he will get away good luck i hope everything goes well for u

loner12345... what has happened now? has he started talking to you? i'm sort of in the same boat and mine seems to be really angry with me and is doing No contact. Did it work out for you?

i broke up with my bf and i regret it soo much the problem is that it is not the first time i break up and i dunno what to do i just miss him and now he hates he avoids me whenever i go to any place at school he leaves . we were best friends before we started going out this is why it always felt weird for me but 2day i saw him and i was hurt just by seeing him he looked unhappy :(

Think yourself, that will change your ways if you return to her? You will suffer and be jealous, but she will be with you and with him. If she has not yet been able to choose between you and him, the more likely it will take you to two or, at best, will choose him. Try to look at your relationship with her, without emotion. What do you see?<br />
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Sorry for mistake.

when we met and got together she was still together with this other guy. at first she said she would leave him, but yesterday she told me she wasn't sure anymore. in a moment of frustration, i told her we shouldnt see eachother anymore.<br />
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i regret my decision now though...but dont think i can go back

Why you broke up? You don't love her? If you very hurt, so why you leave her?<br />
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Sorry, my english is not so good :(