When My Hubby Left Me For His Student

I married at a very young age, barely 19. It was happy at first for both of us. We were full of dreams...dreams about our good future together. He was so in love with me then. He couldn't end up a day without seeing me, or at least hearing my voice when i'm out of town. But everything changed when we had our first child. That's the time when I finally saw the bad side of my hubby. He gets irritated easily, and he started to be not so loving to me. We often argue... who's gonna change the baby's diaper and who will prepare his milk at night. That set up changed when i went back to school. My mother in law paid a nanny to look after her grandson. And I went back to the city where my hubby was studying too, while our baby was left in my hubby's hometown in his mother's care. By then, we became closer to each other again, he showered me with love and affection as he used to when we were just dating. He even do the laundry often just so I'll not become tired. But then again, time passed by. He finished schooling. He immediately found a job in a university. I continued schooling for a year. But after i graduated from college we decided to get our child from his parents. We started living as a family, a simple family with simple problems...but even though there were misunderstandings and quarrels we often kiss and make up. Then came our second child. Gabby was just two when we encountered a rocky road in our marriage. We often argue over pety things, argue about money and about his time. He was spending more time at work and lesser quality time with me and the kids. Then, one night i accidentally read a sweet message from his phone...a sweet message from a sweet friend. I answered the text messages pretending that i was my hubby. And i found out that 'that sweet friend' was given a mobile phone and a bag by my hubby. I was so furious that i had to wake him up to clear things up. But instead of cleaning his name to me he admitted that he was in love to that girl. The girl was a former student by him and she was still studying on the same school where my hubby's teaching. At first i pretended to be unaffected, i pretended not to be hurt though i felt like dying inside. 'So, this is what i get from 8 years of being a plain housewife...of devoting all my life to him and the kids...and of forgetting my own dreams and aspirations just so our family will reamain stronger...it pained me like no other. Months... and a year passed of a miserable marriage. And in the midst of our rocky road relationship came the third child. At first, he became loving again...i thought he ended his affair with ms.jane...but 2 months after i gave birth i accidentally read her message again...her sweet message...and after minutes of pretending to be my hubby again...i found out that they were still together. And the most painful part was when i asked him to chose between me and jane...and he chose her. He left us...me,our eldest Mike,Gabby and the 2 months old Josh...he left us for her. And it was so terrible for me. I cried day and night...I waited for him to call me or text me and say sorry...and say he found out that he finally realized that we were more important to him than jane...everytime a car stops near our house i often wish that it was him finally coming home to stay.
Mommymary Mommymary
Dec 5, 2012