So I finally open an acount on facebook just for something to do and to see if any old friends are on there. The first time Im looking for friends whose picture should pop up but a man who broke my heart. Now you might think so what and I understand that. But for me it was so painful. Of the millions of people out there he is the last person I thought would be on facebook. I guess it is hard for me to see a picture of him and his pretty wife looking so happy when all I ever tried to do was love him. Three months after breaking my heart he married her. Now I will admit that he treated me badly and I now know I cared for him more than he ever cared for me. And yet it still hurt to see the two of them in that picture on facebook. I guess what it comes down to is jealousy, he found what I have been searching for, someone to love me. I am losing what little hope I had of having love in my life and seeing this man just makes it hurt a little more and feel a little more hopeless.
inexperiencedaboutlife inexperiencedaboutlife
46-50, F
Mar 22, 2013