Trying To Figure Out If All Of The Stories Of Brother Sister Sex Or Sexual Adventures Are True Or Just Fantasy ?

  • brother older sister younger

  • brother younger sister older

  • more than one brother  more than one sister

  • brother is induced by sister

  • sister is induced by brother

  • both are induced by each other

   there are some many diffrent versions of the same basic story of love between brother(s) and sister(s)    and I am wondering if anyone would be willing to discuss this issue in more detail

  1.   is it true ?

  2.   is it going on more often than people think ?

  3.   does it really harm the brother / sister  or actually help them ?

  4.   is it a loving relationship mostly ? or is one person the more agressive ?

  I will post my story but I wanted to see if anyone would be willing to discuss this issue here in anyway they choose to
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Some are true for sure.

True for and sister later in life.

Yes it is more common than most ppl say n not summat most ppl open about n why not something most ppl know who it happens between. I found out my mum n her sis had a secret like that n my step knew n was no diff n had same secret with his older brother n older sis n still same now. My mum n her sis were teens when they started after seein it happen with there mum. Got many stories now n none fantasies n all true n wouldn't change a thing as loved all seen n done.

It is much more common then most people realize. As teens my sister and I were involved with each other. One of her best friends was involved with her brother also. My best friend also was involved with his sister. And a few houses up the street for us a sister and her two bothers were involved with each other. but they moved away after only a year of living there. Another friend of my sisters was and still is involved with her bro and they make no secret about it. I run into her every now and then and it is the first thing she talks about. I have met others since my teens that have admitted to having a relationship with bro or sis and many more that wished they had.

I'm an only child but like other I have been with my cousins.

i think it happens a lot. i've let my brother play with me and i don't see anything wrong with it. we are just like any other brother/sister and have a very normal, loving relationship. i think his curiosity is what started it all and it has been very convenient becuase we can both get laid whenever we want it. i am on the pill so i can't get pregnant which is obviously very important.

If you like, I would love to share stories...

I would luv to hear them. I can share a couple with u too...

I sent you a pm with my first story. Let me know how it made you feel. I can't wait to hear your stories!

Pm me to hear ya stories n I am happy to share mine

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I didn't have any brothers or sisters but I had some sexual contact with my cousin.

yes alot are tru mine happened when i was older but ill tell you about it if you add me ,its about my whole family

I.added you

I had a lot of experiences with all three of my female cousins. I don't have any sisters, but I'd say it probably happens more than we know.

during spanking.

clothed younger brother.Naked older sister.

I have the same question as you, it is hard to believe there is that much real sex between brothers and sisters. I am curious to see what you find out.

Yes there is I know for a fact :)