Hubby build our first fuckingmachine (did you really think I build it?). It used a motor, then some stuff (I told you hubby builds it :-P) and then a *****. It's great fun, especially after a few modifications to make it more stable. It has some moving parts that make quite some noise and I think could rip your finger of if you're not careful. Some noise adds to the mechanical part of the experience, but too much is distracting.

A while ago, I noticed the shockspot. It looks like an amazing device. It is supposed to be fast, strong and can move in interesting ways. Since it doesn't use a motor that turns, it doesn't have the same motion over and over again. I REALLY WANT ONE ;-D, but not at over $2000,-.

So my question is, does anybody know how to build one of those? It somewhat looks like a pneumatic cilinder, but it isn't, it is electrical. Hubby has looked for such a piston-thing, but hasn't found one that's fast and string enough.

PLEEEEAAASSE, help me, help my hubby, build one for me ;)
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check out

Hello fellow ******* machine folk! 23/m/CA. What kind of system does the shock spot use??? is it hydraulic? and what kind of control box is that? (so I can look into designing my own?) I want to build one soooo badly! any info appreciated! Happy thrusting people!

The base element is a simple electric actuator - the actuator would cost around
500-600 usd, and then to add 150 usd for the construction itself - and the fun part would be to add the software part for voice control ...

hard to really describe but I could build you one

I have also seen a Kitchen aid mixer retrofitted, that could be relatively cheap in comparison once you own the mixer.

I think you can buy an attachment for a sawzall then he can get in there and use all the angles.

How long do you ride it? Go girl. Please add me. Thanks.

Modify a "Sawsall"

My wife used a sybian earlier this year - it was the single most sensational thing I have ever witnessed!!

Does hubby have the plans for your first machine? or do you happen to have pics of it?

my ex wife told me recently that she got something called Sabien sex Machine!? don't know if it does? Let me know if it works? If you get one!

Have a look at the HugHer :<br />
<br />
I believe that only the HugHer could produce exotic pattern that are far more advanced than what the shockspot could do. I've found great revoews on, ands <br />
This is some SERIOUS competition for the shockspot. <br />
<br />

Would love to help, where do live

You should look into a Sybian :)

I can honestly say I have no idea what you are talking about, but you've got me really curious now! X