Reciprocating Saw

I took a PVC pipe, lined one end with light days pantyliners, cut a 1X2 piece of wood to insert in the other end of the PVC pipe. A small cut in the other end of the wood and inserted an old broken saw blade drilled and secured it in the wood. The wood is secured in the tube with screws. There are no sharp or dangerous articles. The old saw blade is then installed into a reciprocating saw. The saw is plugged into a plug I made with a dimmer switch to adjust the saws reciprocating speed. I hang the saw from the calling with bungy cords. I usually love to wear pantyhose and high heels lately and incert my item to be stimulated. You can guess what that is. I start with a very slow speed and get so hard it's unbelievable. I have made other adaptors for other stimulation areas.

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3 Responses Aug 17, 2011

That's a great idea. I had a similar idea, but with a windshield wiper motor... never got around to doing it, though. Maybe I should. You say that it's unbelievable? Now I really have to consider it!

That is a great idea, I hope it works for years. I have also done similar

hmm sounds like i need to go tinker in my shop, wearung my teddy of course, thanks for the idea.