A Story Of Me

Hmm.... Where should I start this..?

Okay... I was living in such a secure and safe place. I have high and thick grey wall made of the hardest stone in the world (well, at least on my own world) and an invisible shell to protect me. I have them around me, the wall as the frontier, and the shell as my last fortress. I never let anyone get inside the wall. I locked the wall and keep the key somewhere in my deep heart. There is small window actually, where I can see the world surround me.

One day, there is a nice musician comes by and singing in my wall. I saw him, and I listening to his song almost all day long. He keeps coming back and sing everyday. Soon, I getting used with him. So, I started to talk to him through the window and listen to his stories. He had journey all around the world, and he is currently stop by this place for a while for rest.

There also this scholar. He was a smart person and telling me about things I never know before. We talked too. He told me so many things, teach me, and convince me for everything I never sure before. Soon, there are other people coming too. A wise traveler, a nice lady who is on trip to meet his lover, a young girl who has a lot of dreams and on her journey to achieve them, a merchant, a father with his sons, a clown, a knight, even a casanova, lol......

This place soon becomes no longer silent, a little crowd actually. But I enjoy everything those people coming with. I am wondering about things they told me about. Their stories are soo charming, their journeys are so wonderful, their experiences are so  tickling. No longer for me to convince myself to break my rule. I search for my key and opened my wall.... I left my shell inside the wall.

Anyway, soon I found out their stories are not as what I expected. The stories not always going as what I want and the end not always a happy ending like the fairytales. The journeys are so hard and full of obstacles, dangerous beast, and hurt me a lot. I falling couple times and sometimes the weather is not friendly. The experiences are not so good too, mostly what happen to me is not something I can bear and I tend to feel sad. All of this just breaking my soul, so I decide to walking back to my place.

I found out the gates are broken, maybe because no one inside to take care of it since I left. The shell is dirty since no one live inside it. Sigh.... I have to fix the gate and clean up the shell. It is not too long to do it all, and this time I lock the gate and make sure the key hidden somewhere inside the shell. So, next time, I can't find it and I don't have to feel all the dissapointment and hurt that I felt in my last journey....

The End....

AllyC89 AllyC89
22-25, F
Apr 25, 2011