I Build Walls Around My Heart, But Mines Always Have Doors And Windows

I was always that type of girl which guys never felt attracted to... Till I got out of mine teenage years.
Creating ''walls'' around my heart always prevented me of getting it broken and made it hard to trust other people. I decided that, the best way to not get my heart broken were not letting myself get close to people. In my case, the walls were not to prevent other people to come to me, but to not let me fall for everyone. And I made myself hard to approach to guys too, even knowing how many were attracted to me.
It was all getting just fine, till the day the guy I had a crush on High-school showed up flattering me - and when I turned around I saw a door wide open on my wall. The one he built and went out, letting it open to all the other heart broking guys who where just on the outside of my wall waiting for a chance to bring it down.
kady4e kady4e
22-25, F
May 16, 2012