I Can't Keep Doing This...

I love my boyfriend. I honestly do. In fact, he was the only one who was ever able to breech my walls and get to know the real me.

Today, I got a phonecall around 9 AM with him telling me he's afraid of loosing me. I ask why, and he says his best female friend's sister had contacted his mom and asked about him. When she (his mom) asked what was up, his friend's sister said his friend (Lets call her Gigi) had thought he hated her.

This was fine, until he told me he was worried that if he took her out on a date that he was worried something would happen. This...is the same man who promised me I had absolutely NOTHING to worry about. He promised me he'd never do anything with another woman because he loved me. But now I know - love isn't forever. I still want to be with him, if only for a selfish reason, but I want to keep him distanced.

So, those walls that I invisioned back when I was 10, going over my withered, slightly beating heart, are going back up. The problem is, I need help making them strong so that this never happens again.

BrokenKitsune BrokenKitsune
Feb 10, 2009