Its Official, I Have A Site.

It all started when I got a trial lesson from Video Professor on HTML. I learned how easy it was. At first I paid big bucks to get a blog up and running. In my research to find out how to promote it I was led to posting on forums. At a forum I belong to(iwonder), I happened to click on someones else s site and saw a link that said "create a site for free". This was a link to It has so many great resources and it is real cheap to get your own domain. In building my site I have learned so much about design. I have discovered how to generate revenue from my site by placing ads on it. I have started using Adsense for this. In the least it has given me a hobby that I really enjoy as well as some hope for my financial future. I hope you each find all that you are searching for. Check it out it is at:

jspj1971 jspj1971
36-40, M
Nov 24, 2009