My car last year was falling apart from the engine being too strong.

The cracks in the metal went around the firewall strut towers and rain tray, car was on it's way out from too many bad owners before me.

I welded it and re welded it but it was beyond saving

I started looking for a new body because I had such a good engine, drive train, windows and electricals

I got a shell (empty body) of the exact same car I had (1978 scirocco) for 1000
It had a wicked paint job,
A full roll cage, and a gas tank, race seat that's about it.

I started building a new engine in my yard under a tarp, too poor for a shop.

Bought a 6000$ worth of parts for 1000$ over 6 months

The engine is my first turbo motor also and first full on rebuild I've ever done, 97 golf Vw block and 87 scirocco cylinder head

Went steps further got custom mounts to install a heavy duty transmission with LSD and bigger welded axles
Cut and welded firewall and installed hydraulic clutch pedal, v6 clutch and a turbo diesel flywheel and pressure plate.

Started the part out on my old shell: the windows& rubber, every interior wire and fuse box plus engine harness, all brake calipers and brake lines and it ended up looking like a junkyard in my yard for 2 weeks

Installed all of the above into the new shell
Along with new timing belt, headgasket and I made my own gaskets for the other pieces.

The turbo is massive and if the axles were better the car could have 500-1300 horsepower.

I can't wait to go to shows and start drag racing

People have complained I ruined a car but they don't realize I bought the race car as a shell that was empty and gutted to the extreme (less than 900 lbs) and made it street legal, I welded and cut metal to reinstall windows in the doors so you can crank them up and down

The motor is a 2.0 16v with t4 8:1 compression to run on pump gas

I installed electronic fuel injection from a 1990 corrado g60 with a computer chip to push stage 5

The trans is also from a corrado and I converted it to cable shift which is a lot more smooth in has taller gearing and a heavier duty gears at least 40 lbs heavier than old transmission with an upgraded single stage clutch

The turbo came from a friend who had an identical car with the similar engine to the one I built he made 9 seconds on quarter miles at 150 mph

My entire build is 500 lbs less than his car

I have done a lot of math for this build . Power to weight
Gear ratio aspect and calculations on the turbine efficiency

Will easily get to 200 mph in a mile with 500 hp and 1100 lbs

As my old build hit 160 in a standing mile 11 in the quarter and weighed 1800 lbs

Gear heads unite

Put a shell on your slug
Make it a snail :)

I need to work on more traction
Before going to the track

It was a fun experience
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