Yaa Boie!!!!!!!!!!!!

me and my friend michal were really bored so we talked to his dad who is a wizz at physichs and asked him if he would help us make a human catapalt at first he resisted then we told him that we just wanted to learn then he could not refuss so we got started on it probuly to us a good two weeks to finaly get that bad boy done but when we did it was something to look at. that day when we finished michal set it and we lanched a bunch of stuff but we got bored and went inside to play the xbox sadly michal left a sandwitch on the catapalt will it was riged to go off so his pug jumped on it and whent after the sandwitch but to his suprise the pug lanched a good distance before hitting the water so we had to go out on the water craft to get him.

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Yeah boiiiiii