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 Hey! I am a 20 year old girl.. Turnin 21 in a month.. last year on my 20th birthday i weighed 266 pounds with a BMI of 43 which made me morbidly obese.. I was very depressed n didnt know wat to do to stop my binge eating.. watever i tried it never worked cuz i always had the urge to binge.. that was when i read a bulimic girls story n i thought i should try it.. i dont mind dying in the process but i didnt wanna remain this way.. ever.. i am now 160 pounds with a BMI of 26 which makes me overweight.. 10 pounds away from my ideal weight... i just wanna stop wat i'm doin n follow a regular diet but everytime i plan this i binge n the thought of all that food in my stomach drives me straight back to the bathroom to throw it all up n my plans all go to waste.. i dunno wat to do.. i wanna get psychiatric help but where i live eating disorders arent that common so no psychiatrists r really familiar with it n its just a waste.. i really really wanna quit n just b a normal person.. if u hav any advice plz let me kno.. i dont wanna kill myself!

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I have virtually the same exact story as you. Last April, I was around 220lbs, and could never seem to stick to anything, so I began to nonchalantly purge my food, once or twice a week, and the whole thing just sorta snuck up on me, to the point of purging more than a dozen times a day. I am not about 146, and I do wanna stop; my ideal weight is about 130, but I hope I know when to stop, you know?