Soo Much Hatred For A Person??

So there is this girl who goes to my school. Her name is jazzy (not really) I really don't know what her problem is but she has suicidal thoughts and likes to tell everyone about them. One day she came to school and she told everyone about her cuts like it was a good thing. I don't know about you but don't people usually hide that stuff??
Thers this boy named devin who she fell in love with last year? They dated for 2 weeks. He pretty stubborn.
As of right now jazzy has a boyfriend but she wants to go back out with Seth ( her other ex) and also devin.
Recently she told everyone she was going to kill herself and I told the teacher becuase that's what we were supposed to do for a friend in need. She got all pissed off and next day she started calling me a ***** and a *****.
First of all I have never dated anyone better yet cheated on someone. Yes. She cheates on her boyfriend. But yea she kept on calling me those stupid names then she called me a horse in front of everyone really loudly and it got everyone's attention. I didn't say anything back becuase I'm not like that and I'm a good person and people look up to me. I try sooo hard not to call her An attention ***** and stuff but sometimes I want to really kill her. I saved her life and this is how she wants to repay me? She's being a bully and I really don't know how lo I could hold it until I say everything that goes through my head (which is not pleasant )
Sdojion469 Sdojion469
Dec 15, 2012