No Other Explanation.

when i was a kid, I was called all sorts of names, fat, ugly, nerd and geek. Mum and dad always told me sticks and stones my break your bones but words will never hurt you, they could never be more wrong, you can come back from a broken leg or a broken arm, but it can take a life time to heal from a broken heart or a mental scar. I always did what other people asked of me hoping that I will be accepted into the universe that is called friends, but that was all hope, hope that was soon washed away by the disappointment and depression that had always called my mind home. When someone is all alone they start looking for anything that would melt the iceberg of depression and ignite the flame of happiness, but everyone you talk to just turns away even when you have more love in one finger than anyone would have in their entire being, then the words of "ew, no, yuck and GO AWAY" churn in your head every second of every day, of every minute.Then you start to wonder in the darkness of your own self harming emotions, but then there is a spark, you find someone, someone who makes you happier than anything in the known universe could possibly offer, you feel like all the names and all the hurt was just washed away and there was nothing that could hurt you, you felt invincible like nothing could ever hurt you ever again, but then you find yourself all alone. The person who once made you feel like a god had now found a new spark and made you feel like an insect in a second don't tell me that doesn't hurt more than a broken bone. You're left to wonder once again, but what you do not realize that aside from all the hurt and depression there is something, something that no one else has, a light that always shines that always pushes you forward no matter what has happened, something that will never let you give up no matter how much you say to yourself "no more", something that tells you to look at yourself to love yourself no matter how much you want to look away, because their has to be a reason why you are still here, all the people that told you, you couldn't do something or told you to disapere have to be wrong, they have to be, there is no other explanation, if you weren't meant to be on this earth, you would not be here, but yet here you are standing, looking, staring at yourself telling yourself that no one will ever love you and no one will ever care and yet you move forward, look forward into the darkness and abyss, look forward until you find that one little light that shows you, you are not alone, that tell you everything will be ok, and hold it embrace it, because the you that everyone shuns and that person you see in the mirror, is the most beautiful person that will ever exist, because your definition of love and beauty is the emotion that is on the inside rather than the attraction that is on the outside, and you will willingly hold someone even though they are sick, because you will call someone beautiful even though they just woke up, because no matter who tells you how unattractive you are or the person you love, all you ever want to do is be with them, that is true beauty that is true love that is why we exist, that is why we still move forward even though everyone pushes us downwards that is why we are here. Stand proud, stand tall, for the world that you see is only a facade, for everyone one wears a mask, but you, you only need to wear the skin of your own being, and you shall triumph, triumph over all that has told you, you will never be more than the label you to be. Show them that the world is just more than what you see with your eyes, but what you touch, taste and feel, show them that there is more than just outer beauty that draws two people together, show them that all obstacles can be over come, show them that this world, that this world is home to everyone, man, woman, child, white, black, Asian, Russian, because we are all born here so this is where we all belong. There is no other explanation.
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I also forgot to point out this is more a speech but you might have guessed that.

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