6th Grade

I don't thing you could ever imagine what when though my head the last 2-3 years of my life. No I was not abused, punched but I was bullied, and I am not just talking about calling names but times that by 100. My bully was my best friend someone who I trusted had sleep overs with and though nothing could splits us up. But that was just the beginning. She talked behind my back. She told rumors, and it was a fight to keep my friends. She lied all the time to me and my friends and I was pulled out of school. ( there was a lot more of what happened, including a court case and other stuff that I well not share yet because I am not ready) I was pulled out of school in the 7th grade, but I came back in the 8th grade. It is so weird back in school but so far my bully has talked to me and seems really nice, but that is her game she pulls you in and spits you out like a seed and made me angry, sad, depressed, and suicidle. Yes I held a knife to my neck wondering what it would be like to let go, but I put the knife away and walked away, but then a second time I had it, I wrote a letter saying I love everyone and that I would see you soon, and I tried to hang my self lucky my feet could touch the ground and it hurt a lot so I stopped and shredded the note and pulled my act together and took one day at a time. By the way no one should suffer and it's time to stop bullying!
Livelifethefullest Livelifethefullest
13-15, F
Sep 21, 2012