Bunker Sex

The other night the alarms went off of an attack. I went to a bunker I had not been to before. There was only one other person there and because it was dark I could not see them well. I sat down and another rocket hit close by. I saw the other soldier get up and move beside of me. I saw then it was a female, she smelled great and was very afraid of the explosions. When the next explosion happened she grabbed my arm and wrapped herself around me. I comforted her and said she was safe with me. We began kissing and fondling each other. I opened her shirt and sucked her very sweet **** while rubbing her ***** through her clothes, it felt as it she cam very easily from me rubbing her through her pants, after she cam I opened her pants as she did for me. She sat on top of me a glided her tight little ***** down on my hard ****. I noticed she was not allowing my **** to slid completely inside her so I reached up and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down on my **** until I was all the way inside her. She began moaning and ******* uncontrollably and I felt her squirting all over my ****, the juices were running all over my thighs. I kept her on top of my until she relaxing from the intense ******. I felt her go weak as I continued ******* her, she was enjoying the ride, kissing and sucking my neck until I finally shot a huge load into her *****. The feeling of my *** shooting inside her cause another intense ****** with her soaking my with her hot ***. The bombing had stopped at this point and we got dressed and returned to our rooms. I have not seen her since.
mso5290 mso5290
36-40, F
May 29, 2013