It Makes Me Feel Alive

the first time i burnt myself it was accidental and i was curling my hair and it stuck to my neck and it felt so good it was like it electrocuted me and woke up me . then i was just seeing if it wud feel the same on my leg and then everytime i feel angry or sad i just get that and stick it to my leg and leave it their a few seconds because it feels good and makes me feel alive. i feel very relieved after i do this even though it leaves really bad scars and blisters i also cut but i think that when i burn i feel much better after.
deswaq deswaq
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 29, 2010

I understand what you mean. It's like part of you gone or missing. You're just trying to make yourself feel better. Burning myself does the same thing for me. I feel like I can go on after I'm finished doing it.