I Burn Myself Intentionally Everyday

I started burning my arms last year. Then I was diagnosed bipolar, out on meds and was forced to stop burning. It has been 6 months and one day I burned myself just for old times sake and I relapsed. Burning is like an addiction for me. I know cutting sounds like better and not as wimpy but burning hurts more than cutting for me. It gives me a crazy rush that cutting doesn't. I burn until I get scars. I like them they are my battle scars. And that is my story.
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4 Responses Sep 4, 2011

I just started and it is a great feeling. I use cigarettes. I did it on my legs. Don't know where this is going to lead but hope to do more.

I haven't burned myself yet, but it intrigues me. I don't think I want to cut myself, but burning myself is something I think I might want to try.

How do you do it?

I do the same thing but what do you tell people when they ask about the scars?