I don't have the guts to cut myself... I've burned a lot though it keeps me from crying and it takes away my stress I hate the fact that i do it but once I'm in the process i can't stop till my arms numb, i don't know what else to do i keep it covered and no one knows i heat up a knife or something sharp with a lighter and i burn myself its like a way of punishing myself if i've done something wrong. After i do, i feel so guilty and i can't look at myself but then the next time im stressed i go straight to burning I feel like im addicted to it. I can't help but feel like a disappointment to others i let everyone down, and i can't seem to do anything right no matter how hard i try, what makes me feel even more like a screw up is that its always the same mistakes no matter how hard i try everything gets worse its as if i shouldn't even try im too young to feel like theres nothing to be happy about, I wouldn't burn over stupid things like boys, because they're just boys they wont matter years from now, my future makes me nervous, and school stresses me out, i can't help but feel helpless and i can't take pride in myself anymore.
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I know it doesn't help and i know its wrong, it's just not thinking properly. I haven't done it in a while actually, too many people have noticed. The last thing I want is people thinking I'm a freak but thank you for the advice I really appreciate it!

please temme one thing, has burning or harming yourself in any way ever helped you in any way ?<br />
all it causes is scars and scalds that will last u forever. if things that dont result into something good, then u should stop it.<br />
instead do something that will be productive, like if you get less scores, try to study better, or if u fought with somebody, go sort out things.<br />
these will help u in some way and not harming yourself, remember ur only insulting your body and yourself by self harm.<br />
you know ur capable of success, just get enought motivation and u are sorted for life :)<br />