I used to burn myself on a regular basis. I would light a needle,safety pin or if i couldn't find one a piece of wood and then apply it directly to my skin. i topped this summer due to the fact that i went to camp and met people who actually cared about the fact that i burned myself and i thought that was it that i was done with that phase in my life. I was so sure until Chemistry class. We had to melt this piece of glass and while it was in the fire it turned red hot and my thoughts turned to how amazing would it be to drag that across my skin. I went home that day and tried to find my trusty safety pin, to no avail, but i did find a match and i repeatedly placed it on the skin on the inside of my elbow. I honestly feel like a failure for not being able resist the temptation to burn myself.
ScaredAndLost ScaredAndLost
18-21, F
Aug 27, 2012