Burn Scars, My Searing Artwork

i started with just a straight piece of wire and a cigarette litter and couldnt believe how good it felt and how energized it made me feel. its strange to describe the feeling but it was completely unexpected. when i cut the burning slicing sensation is calming as the blood and tears flow but when i burn its the total opposite. i can bring myself up from a bottomless pit of darkness with just a couple searing marks. everyone is different. this is just me. im artistic too so i kinda enjoy making designs and patterns on my tan skin. the scars are darker so it looks good too. i stole some stainless steel wire a pare of plyrs and a blow torch from the garage (i live over my new familys detatched garage). i sketch out the pattern i want on a piece of very thin clear plastic with a sktech pen in fine lines so the ink dont dry i just put it on my arm and it transfers the drawing to my arm. then i burn along the lines with red hot wire i bend it to make the right shapes to match the ink lines. they told me i cant get a tattoo or decorative sarcoid scars like africans do so i make my own. **** them **** the world i dont care anymore. the more the world puts me down in that black whole the better it feels when i burn more of the pattern. soon my left arm will be finished. i have hide the burn skin smell with candles or scented oil thing i stole from the kitchen ha. the rush i get is almost like sex but different more intense too i can feel my body throb as the wire sears and burns then as i relax i can feel this rush coming up from deep inside me like the bubbles you blow deep underwater that rush to the surface going faster and faster up. when im done i whip it down with neosporin and a vitamin e capsule i split open. then bandage it up and go running on the beach as fast and hard as i can for like 4 miles. i just got back before i wrote this and i am still super charged with energy. the world can put me down all it wants. i will burn my way back to the top. this is just me. my crazycide.
AquilaAqua AquilaAqua
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

You're right. Cutting was more of a release, but burning does give you energy. I loved the feeling.
Your ideas of branding sound really cool. I put matches out on my skin and it looks like a cross, but your ideas sound awesome.

Yeah lots of energy but I done do that a lot anymore just sometimes now. My life is a lot better now :)

Good! I'm glad your life is better now!