Worried About This

I started burning myself a few weeks ago.I get very stressed from my school work and social things, 2 years ago this stress started causing long periods of depression, which was strange, I thought I could handle the stress. 1 year ago my best friend left the school because of his bad behaviour, we where like brothers but I was better behaved. When he left the depression got worse and I thought about suicide. I read that burning helped with this and I tried it and it did. I heated up a metal knife on a flame and then pressed it to my skin, it was painful for a few seconds but then it turned into bliss. It was as if it had burned away away the stress and depression. Now I can't stop and burn myself whenever I feel down. I like doing it because it helps but I'm worries what might happen, if I continue. I've burned myself 5 times now. My school mate have seen the marks but haven't asked questions, I'm a boarder at school and might have to start burning myself here just to get me through the year, I'm a seniour now so the work load has increased
GamerWolf GamerWolf
18-21, M
Jan 15, 2013