I started burning myself only a couple weeks ago. I use my hair straightener turned up all the way to do it. I am addicted to burning myself. I'm a senior in HS and I want to be happy but it's hard. My friends are terrible to me and to each other. The worst part is my parents. They don't understand why I'm down all the time and they get mad at me over everything and I'm so stressed I can't handle it all. When I burn, I only have to focus on the pain and everything goes away. I do it everyday because it makes me feel better at the time. I can't stop.
lostmusician lostmusician
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I also just started burning myself to get a break from depression and stress and yes it helps a lot, I even burn myself in the hostels at school now because I get stressed and down. It isn't a good thing though and you must try stop and I know its wrong for me to ask you to stop when I know I can't but you know the saying "Do as I say and not as I do." Burning leaves bad marks and people will aventualy find out like 4 of my friends did and it hurts them because they care about me, if your friends terrible to you then maybreyou should find new ones or talk to them. Try escaping the burning by finding a hobby that's what I'm trying. Please talk to me about anything you want, I'm not the best pearson on this planet but I will help you if I can .