No One Knows

I do it because i'm feeling very depressed. when the heat it's my skin it take my mind off what's bothering me. The first time i did it was because of pressure from school. One time i told my mom i "punished" myself for doing so poorly and showed her. she called me sick (like a freak) and grounded me. i try not to do it, but i feel like deserved it. If you met me you wouldnt think a kid like me does that sort of thing. I don't think i know who i am anymore 

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3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

hi there may be help fore all who has this problum i was watching a doctor who was trying to find a spot in your brain that they call area 25 is all they said about it . even prosact did not help . so they put a wire in it and shock it on people that were depressed and mean they said in a matter of min. that all the hurt and the depression was gone and are liveing full life's now i did not get the name but a doctor should know about it chocjoe2

Ultimately , you are causing yourself more pain!! This is a sympton of expressing some deep-set issues that need to be dealt with. There is so much help now for people who need and want it asnd are ready for it. You are a beautiful person and deserve the best of what life has to offer. Give yourself a chance and talk to someone who can help and guide you into a treatment center or something like that?? Do you pray?? If you do, pray !!! If you don't--PRAY!!! God loves you and will guide you.

Hi hunny your mum obviously doesnt understand what a serious and real problem this is and that its your way of releasing tension and feeling better! Im no expert but I think you should see your doctor about the depression and also discuss the self harming issues, they should then be able to refer you for some sort of therapy. I hope you can sort out your problems, and there will be many other people who have been in the same situation as you who you can lean on for support and help you come through it! take care x