Gods Gift

Hello I am Vanessa im 23 and I was burned as a child. I was three years old and my mother was at work and my father just got off. He was tired so he sent my sibling and I to the next door neighbors house so that he could get rest. While we were there the 16 yr old babysitter was making us lunch some type of pasta. I was hungry so i took it upon myself to see if the food was ready....then all of a sudden the water spilled which left me with 2nd to 3rd degee burns on 75% of my body. I spent several months at the local hospital took ice cold baths and I would sing "Yes Jesus Loves Me"to soothe me. Growing up I wore different clothes and I became very shy because I knew that people were VERY mean and judgmental. So intially I distaced myself to only the people who loved me and knew my soul rather than my flesh. I later went to the Shriners hosiptal were they examine my burns and they told me everything wasnt that bad it could've been worse. They were also scared that one of my breast wouldn't grow when I reached puberty. Well at age 11 puberty came I got both breast and I had boyfriends which would always be long term becasue it takes me a while to finally warm up but I was perfectly fine! Around 16 I was diganosed with Kertoconus which is an eye disease where your corneal is cone shaped rather than round shape!!?? another thing to deal that sets me apart from being considered "normal" but the one thing that carries me through is THE SON, THE FATHER, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT! I am so grateful that I am here to share my story and how God loves me that he would want me to endure something that no other person could ever go through and it makes you so stronger than the rest of individuals, it lets you know that all the pain that you endure in this life will soon perish like materialistic good and things that seem important but really don't matter! I've lived a wonderful life I've done so many things that I'm proud of like being a great daughter,grandaughter, aunt, niece, and friend. Now later in life I want focus on thing that make me happy. I try to stay away from what the world and what the media perception of beauty is because in an American society they are very judgmental your appearance plays a big role. For all burn patients, people fighting with lost limbs, blind, deaf, and people with diseases know that GOD LOVES U!! and the battle will be well worth it in end if you keep faith! ps dont worry about those who judge u they will be judged according to how they judge other people.
vanessa328 vanessa328
Feb 1, 2013