I do a lot of things people wouldn't understand if they knew. I don't know if I'm depressed or just sad, but sometimes I have so much memories, or frustration, or just sadness that won't go away. The first way I dealt with that was taking as many tylenol pills as I could to make it feel better, then I starting burning myself. I'm just making this clear...There's nothing wrong with you if you enjoy pain but I burn and overdose to let my emotions out to release the pain to feel like I have control over one thing in my life. I don't do anything like this because I enjoy hurting myself I just need to have control ya know? Also I'm not emo or goth, that's a label. For those of you who wanna call me an emo or gothic girl that's an insult kay. I don't call myself a label because that is fake. I am me and individual who does things because life isn't all that great. I just don't like getting judged more than I already do.
kayluvxu kayluvxu
13-15, F
Oct 9, 2011