Of Course Everyone Does

Lol I found this group to be funny because not a lot of people can admit this by joining this group. Yes I do burp and pass gas but its natural everyone does! I can burp like a lumberjack at times! If im comfortable around people then I will burp in front of them. But im not going to go overboard to the point where it becomes annoying and gross. I say excuse me and try to cover my burps so I wont sound rude. But there are times when I think its funny and just let them rip just to joke. My friends crack up some have even said its sexy wtf!?!! I burp mostly when I drink soda. I enjoy soda and drink it a lot so when I drink it I belch a lot. My mom gets so mad and says its not lady like. I try to stay away from her while I drink my soda so I wont frustrate her. But she can hear me burping from other rooms! I ask her what do you want me to do hold it in????? My stomach gets full of gas so I just let them out or I will get a stomach ache. My brother and sister are cracking up and my mom gives me a look and lectures me..... I somehow make something so natural a joke ha ha :P Yes im brave enough to admit I burp so what!?
MysteriousShadow MysteriousShadow 18-21, F 9 Responses Mar 6, 2012

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I find people who aren't afraid of burping totally awesome. You rock.

I luv to burp I was once in the cinema I had finished me soda when I stood up and said I have a anounsment let it rip it lasted for 10 seconds

That's awesome. If you wanna talk about burping message me :)

starrose youre welcomed,id love for you to burp around me,ill give you a high five.

starrose i bet you release some good ones in burping,thats awesome.

I suprise myself lol! Aw thanks brothad! He he! :D

i love females who burp

Lol I guess your not the only one. So thats why some have said im sexy! Ha :P

well you seem like a very interesting girl to be around.

wow I wish the girls I knew were as comfortable as you

Lol its a natural function. If I need to get gas out sorry but im going too burp..... Ha some girls are so grossed out and emmbarrassed to do it! Not me! :P