My Most Embarrassing Burp..

I love a good burp in the right circumstances. I do try to maintain some decorum when I'm at work, but if I'm at home or with friends, it can be a free for all sometimes. It's usually after a beer or a Pepsi Max. For some reason, Pepsi Max is really gassy. A friend of mine reckons my burps can be like Barney lip-wobblers (from the Simpsons).

My most embarrassing burp? I was leaving a social function because my lift needed to get home. I swigged down the half a glass of champagne in front of me and a few minutes later I unexpectedly let out a 9.5/10 burp. Everyone, and I mean everyone, at the party turned to look at me. The host (who I'd never met before) was most gracious and said "In some countries, burping is considered a compliment to the host." I replied "Which countries, and can I move there?" My lift reckons the pool developed ripples on the surface and the fences around the property wobbled, but I'm sure she's exaggerating a little. :-D
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Jan 23, 2013