It Is All About Resource Allocation.... A Corporate Message From Giraffe

Although the neck of a giraffe is very long but interestingly, the long neck is made up of only seven neck bones that is as same as the number of neck bones of human beings. Does this convey any management message to the corporate world? Certainly, the corporate leaders have lot to learn from the anatomy of giraffe’s neck.

The length of neck of a giraffe is recorded to be 2 meter or 6 – 7 feet. However, only 7 bones were involved in the making of such a long neck of giraffe. The short neck of human being is also comprised of 7 bones. The wisdom, perhaps, the nature has used in creating the long neck of giraffe lies not in mere numbers or consumption of abundant resources but in how to make wonders with limited resources.

Most corporate people believe and perpetuate the philosophy that more the expense, more the returns. The marketing ‘stuff’ (people from the marketing function) would regularly state that the company must invest heavy money in advertisement, brand building etc., only then they can compete and grow the business. The R&D ‘scientists’ on the other hand would say that only the best infrastructure in the R&D allows them to invent and discover many things.

Always they associate their performance and capability with resource availability in the corporate. Even to think, they need some infrastructure and facility.

Look at the marvel of nature. The six feet long giraffe neck has only seven bones as same as human. How with just seven bones, nature would have made the neck of giraffe so long. The ‘possibility thinking and self belief’ of nature only has made such ‘marvel’ possible.

Instead of adding more number of bones to make the neck of the giraffe long, whether, each neck bones can be made to ‘stretch beyond’ so that a wonder is possible was the management question, nature had answered. This approach is what the most corporate require today.

This is possible only through the process of empowering and enabling people and making them to go beyond the brief. In essence, the corporate should engage in transforming ‘employees’ to ‘leaders/co-owners’. But unfortunately, the most corporate compels their employees to stick to their job definition and perform within the matrix. Both the employee and the employer must believe ‘each other’ and the ‘self’ to make‘wonderment’.

Nature had believed that just with 7 bones, a 6 feet long neck is possible to make. The bones also developed enough strength (credibility) in the course of time to prove that they definitely contribute to such ‘incredible challenge’.

Every events and occurrences in nature has a deep message to convey. Only the agog and receptiveness people in the corporate makes one to see the ‘unseen’ management insight from various events in nature.

The corporate people instead of being always inside the ‘excel sheet’ workings, must visit and be with nature to learn the ‘totality and completeness’ of the corporate governance and people management.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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this would be the ideal scenario where "enough for all" phrase is endorsed or lived by.But human tendency deviates before reaching to that stage.But I really appreciate this thought and indeed this would bring out real potential out of employees.