Art Of Balancing Lies In Causing Imbalance

Patience and power/strength must always go together. Similarly, uncertainty and plenty of opportunity do always go together. Through the creation of different species of prey and predatory animals, nature is conveying only this message to the corporate world. The strongest leaders in the corporate need greatest level of patience and not arrogance due to their strength (power) and so are the people who always worry a lot about the prevailing uncertainty in the corporate must see and appreciate the plenty of opportunity around them.

Food gathering is considered to be the important business of all animals in nature. All herbivorous animals have plenty of grass and green plants to eat. To get the green plants and grass, no herbivores animals like Zebra, deer, buffalo etc., has to struggle or evolve any special strategy. As much food as available to the herbivores animals in jungle, so many problems are also there for them as the predatory animals are always waiting and watching to hunt them. Even the life itself is not safe and secured to these animals in jungle. But they are blessed with plenty of opportunity to find easy food for survival.

On the other hand, the predatory animals are very strong and powerful. But have to struggle hard to get food. Unless they have sufficient patience, they cannot hunt any prey animal. Strength requires absolute patience to win. Similarly, plenty of opportunity always comes with definite uncertainty and uncertainty is always sandwiched by ample opportunity.

The cause for all confusion and concern in corporate is only due to the misplaced strategies. The powerful or strong people in corporate never show any patience and what they exhibit more often is restlessness and impatience. Quite contrary to that, the people who feel highly insecure in corporate never open they inner eyes to see and appreciate the plenty of opportunity around them. Instead of seeing the opportunity, they slap their trust on ‘patience’, ‘inaction’ and ‘destiny’.

The people who feel insecure should not remain patient and must explore the opportunity around them.

Unless the corporate leaders and the HR function understand this basic tenet of nature cannot rightfully guide the people to evolve their working strategy with the right combinations of emotions like ‘strength with patience’ and ‘uncertainty with ability to see opportunity’.

Every ‘event’ in nature is balanced and nothing could exist in our life without any balance or evenness. All one need is the wisdom to see the balance and bequeath the fear and lack of confidence.

Corporate leadership should lead the people in the corporate towards collective, complete and comprehensive success. Every individual must have been made to feel that they have a significant role to play in building the organization and they have been contributing also.

Unfortunately, such visionary leaders are lacking in most corporate. This problem is more pronounced and rampant in single man’s corporate where the boss is the ultimate power centre where no one can veto any suggestions or views of the ‘one man’.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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