Why Fishes Are Jealous About Dolphins... A Corporate Message

Do Dolphins live in water or in desert? Every one will say, it lives in sea and sea is full of water.
Who knows the Dolphins may be murmuring the verses of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem ‘the rime of the ancient mariner’
“Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink”.
In fact, dolphins live in desert. They hardly get even a drop of pure water to drunk as they don’t drink the salt water of the sea and if they do so, will die soon. They do not drink even a drop of water from the sea. They meet their complete water requirement from the food they eat (prawn, herring, mackerel and squids etc.,). These animals are the source of water for dolphins.
It is possible that some fishes in the small freshwater pond may feel jealous of dolphins, especially during summer where water in the pond may disappear fast. In ocean, such possibility is not there and hence dolphins never have to suffer for water to live. From the theoretical end, the fishes in the pond are right. Their problem is genuine and so is their jealous, that is also justifiable.
The interesting point is that what is right need not be ‘true’. For the freshwater fishes in the pond, the problem of water shortage comes only during summer. But for dolphins, the problem for water scarcity is there ever since they were born.
Problem for the freshwater fishes is that there is no water during summer. But for dolphins, they live in water (that never dries off), but they cannot drink even a drop as it is salty.
This reality, the corporate people must learn and understand. Some people who work in small to medium corporate always thinks that in MNC’s, opportunities are plenty. Further, they lament that unfortunately, they got stuck in such small corporate and finding a suitable opportunity in MNC’s is difficult or remote. Many presume that because of plenty of opportunities in MNC’s, there is no or least threat to job whereas in smaller corporate, job security is the least.
It is like the fresh water fishes compare its problem with ‘believed to be’ problem free life of dolphins in the ocean. Since dolphins were born with the problem or challenge, they have learned the art of dealing it, thus become successful. On the contrary, the freshwater fishes, blame the fate, feel jealous at dolphins and die during summer.
Unless one learns to accept the challenge and learn to tide over the challenge, success becomes elusive.
This hard management message only, the dolphins conveys to the corporate world. Comparing, blaming, feeling pity or jealous will get nothing to anyone. Accept the challenge & the reality and learn the art of dealing it successfully.
Never think like the freshwater fishes that the dolphins live happily in ocean. They live in desert and always search for water. Their search has started the day they were born whereas; the search starts for the freshwater fishes only during peak summer.
Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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Jul 15, 2013