Dave Engberg Pa - Provider Of Document Management Software And Services

Dave Engberg PA - Provider Of Document Management Software And Services

The President of Vanguard Systems, Inc, David Engberg is a dedicated professional, with vast amount of experience spanning information systems applications in different industries such as finance, telecom, insurance, distribution, manufacturing and electric utilities. He specializes in providing Document Management software and services, including document imaging, data extraction, workflow, forms design and content management systems. He loves to play golf in his free time and holds Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles season ticket.  

About Vanguard Systems Inc.

Founded by Dave Engberg in 1986, Vanguard Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative document management systems that will reduce paper/productivity related problems and make the information instantly available whenever the need arises. It has developed a quality integrated document management solution that includes the entire document lifecycle. Moreover, the company offers top quality EliteForms solutions to help customers manage and deliver their business critical documents quickly and securely in electronic format. Some key benefits of this system are user-friendly pop-up menus, easy linking of data from spooled or database files to create overlay using “Drag & Drop” technology and more.

The eliteSUITE system by David Engberg Vanguard Systems has been implemented across many industries, such as distribution, food service, manufacturing, resorts, insurance and hospitals. Due to the tremendous benefits of implementing eliteSUITE electronic forms and solutions, the generation of paper-based documents and correspondence has become a thing of past. Nowadays, more and more people are opting for eliteSuite solution to enhance profitability and efficiency within their organizations.

ID Protect system

This system by Dave Engberg Vanguard Systems can be used to secure any data such as driver license, insurance policy, medical record numbers, account numbers etc. It comes integrated with IMS/21 for both new documents as well as archived documents and can run as on-demand or batch process. ID Protect system is cost-effective because each customer can tailor the keywords, and thresholds and number patterns are independent of third party or other customers. Apart from that, it stimulates poorly scanned or previously microfilmed documents or hard to read handwriting. It has built-in security feature which allows only authorized administrators to remove ID protect annotation.
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Sep 17, 2012