Dave Engberg Pa Founded Vanguard Systems, Inc In 1986

David Engberg is an extensively experienced professional who has been working with Vanguard Systems, Inc. for nearly 25 years. He founded this company in 1986 and has been serving as its President since then. Before that, he worked as Common Systems Support Manager at SmithKline Beckman from January 1983 to October 1986. He has also worked as IT Manager with HJ Heinz- a leading food company that has great brands in 3 core categories including Ketchup and Sauces, Meals and Snacks, and Infant/Nutrition.

Vanguard Systems Inc offers quality services

Recognized for its seamless document management solutions, Vanguard Systems, Inc has built solid clientele base due to its premium quality services and solutions. Its suite of forms design, document imaging, data extraction and content management systems is highly effective in solving paper/productivity related issues and making the information instantly available. The company utilizes a total solution approach which creates a working partnership with clients to help them realize the full potential of its document management solution.

DigiDoc system for data extraction and capture

The DigiDoc system by David Engberg Vanguard Systems is a single technology solution for unstructured, semi-structured and structured document types. It works without the support of all scanner devices, supports images from multi-function devices, and reads documents as image files in standard formats. This system helps save time by eliminating manual key entry of documents, and reduces costs significantly. In addition to this, it boosts productivity, increases data accuracy and makes the data in documents fully searchable. Digidoc solutions can be implemented as completely stand-alone, together with any Vanguard Systems IMS/21, eDMS .NET or workflow solution, or as add-on solutions to third-party capture, DMS and ECM solutions.

FlotivaNXT workflow, document and data management

Dave Engberg follows a streamlined approach to creating and implementing workflow systems which goes beyond the conventional BPM to provide a cost-effective, efficiency and dynamic process solution. FlotivaNXT by Dave Engberg Vanguard Systems is the fastest, easiest and most powerful way for organizations to monitor and improve the business processes.
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Sep 17, 2012