I buy books that I never read. Many books. I buy most of them through these book clubs which offer great prices, but just never get around to reading them. Most are books that I've never read period. But even the ones I've read & wanted for years & know I'll love, I just can't read & I don't know why. Over the years, I've slooowwly started reading some of them, only to buy more in their place, which also go unread. I did just get "Blood Noir" by Laurell K. Hamilton, & "This Witch For Hire" by Kim Harrison, though, & am actually reading them :)

Hopefully, I'll be able to narrow down my book collection & by this time in 2018, I'll be able to say I've read all of them.

lyricalongings lyricalongings
31-35, F
Oct 19, 2008