I have a library for the kids and read to them every night that they are home. We have tons of books from baby baby to teen and all are used often.

Problem is that I see books that interest me and on occassion buy them but just don't have the time. I used to go to the library and get them on tape but that too has become a thing of the past. Saw a bumper sticker advertising books on tape today so may have to check it out.

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LOL... to each his own. I enjoy them either way just need the time to read them.

Well, if you're gonna be picky about it. :P Audio books, e-books... same thing in my book. I have e-book textbooks and they're niiiice.

I read the book once or twice depending on their request and then hand it to them to read back. Of course the little ones aren't reading but their imaginations come up with some great stories. We're also practicing sight words so it won't be long.

I bought Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain off of iTunes. I liked that because I could put it on my iPod plus Bourdain was the one reading it and he has a nice voice...

cool... will check it out thanks

E-books are nice.

I can't tell you the last time I had a bath alone. LOL Showers I take fast while they are asleep but baths usually mean two little ones are ripping off clothing and making a flying leap in with me.

i have the same problem sometime of not having the time to read a book i've purchased. so to get it read i put it by the toliet and read while i am sitting there. Grant you it is not as long as a man will sit and read in the bathroom. but, at least i can find 5 to 10 minutes to read and relax. If you are like me even the bathroom becomes a social gathering when you have kids. this way when i have the book they've learned "leave mom alone"

Books are a great thing to get lost in! I try and read as much as possible, reading is cathartic and wonderful! =) READ! =)