The Handkerchief Guildwars2 Sun

the guildwars2 game in the whole thing is key initiatives found guildwars2 game during maintenance revoke the warehouse password set, the main purpose is to do so for used before guildwars2 of players to illegally buy guild wars 2 gold equipment into the warehousethis method to enhance player safety index makes a lot of players more inclined to the game.

Is a veteran of "guildwars2" web games, its emergence and success became the banner of the industry, and also to some extent makes guildwars2 game so prosperous today. This text role-playing game is definitely the majority of web games the players will play for.The hook inside Shuaqian Buy Guild Wars 2 Goldalso became a classic stage in the game. Temporary parcel filled game go to the war, will be extra copper coins, and the coin is fixed! A fixed value guildwars2 focus. 20:00 68 characters hanging 71 monster energy can steady income of about 37,000 of the copper coins, 200 points energy is 37W! Course, there are also disadvantages ... the disadvantage is that you hang no drugs and epic, but according to the drug or purple fitted is absolutely necessary to the rate of violence, the the missing coins the size of the RMB players, hanging on to the temporary parcel filled this bug has become the only way to make money in a large number of players. Sometimes, the classic bug is so derived.

the guildwars2 and martial arts hero, opened the era of web games as a war strategy web game masterpiece, "guildwars2 games all aspects of performance are very good, although there are also a lot of small and large equipment, butcan not stop it became a classic web game sector. Unlimited maintaining an army for battle is a classic in the game. Game until every whole point when a natural disaster and mutiny, so as long as the players to buy Cheap gw2 goldwhen the whole point to want stationed themselves in the city and transportation to avoid natural disasters and mutiny, because of natural disasters always occur in the whole point, so long as time of the whole point of the city there is a grain of natural disasters would not have happened, the soldiers would not mutiny. The rest of the city can hold food, no bread in the city, the soldiers do not consume food, a city can raise unlimited soldiers. This bug is not the use of a procedural error, but the use of small mistakes on the design of the game system, so definitely a high-end bug! This bug will be cast in the history of war strategy web game and "guildwars2" game heavy sum.
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Nov 29, 2012