I Make My Wish List Every Year

It's a fun list I start every January.  Sorta reminds me of  dreaming about my Xmas presents, when I was a kid.  Anything I want that makes me more comfortable and cheers me up.  Yep, I indulge..go for it..think big.  I earned every dime.  We work so hard . I believe we should pamper ourselves and reward our selves all year long.    Sadly, every year at tax return time, something breaks...needs replaced..It's a family joke. We always wonder what it's going to be. SURE ENOUGH!!   I had to have a car repair. EVERY YEAR!   It's funny in a not so great way..:>} 

wiseowl wiseowl
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5 Responses Feb 21, 2009

REALITY!!! DARN AND DOUBLE DARN!!! Then ther are grown children who neen my help. O well, I have my dreams...Mr Dew

I just spent $138.00 on my car..luckily the tax refund came in the same week.Gotta keep the car up and running..I like buying girlie things for myself, much more!

Dewduster, I did the same thing with the Xmas catalog. Mom let us circle and put our name next to our choices. We didn't get everything but that was ok. That's how I got my snow cone machine and playdoh factory! Yes, setting a goal towards a yearly reward, is needed. I do feel like it's another xmas present.

yes its like having christmas and then christmas again!!!!!

Me too. When I was a kid I would get a Sears catalog and circle what I want. Now I am "researching" the perfect knife for my collection.<br />
By the time I get the tax $ I will be set and ready to hit the internet for best price. <br />
I love the whole process of looking, planning, setting a goal and waiting for the $, ordering and looking for the package to arrive. What fun!...DD