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It happened one Saturday when the wife had to work her food demo job. I knew I had all day and could do what ever I wan ted to. I decided to go shopping for some woman's clothing for myself. I had done this twice before once dressed as a man and once dressed en fem when I went high heel shopping. Those were both very successful shopping trips and I enjoyed them enormously.
Today however was a different story. I would not know the people I was meeting as I shopped and I knew dressed as a man I would be putting it all out there on the line.
Well I got into my truck. I was underdressed in a girdle to keep me tucked and feeling all nice and flat and fem you know where. I had on a pair of lacy pink panties and a pair of white tights. I felt good and fem as I started on my way. I knew I would be wanting to buy a bra and I wanted it to be nice and frilly and fit me as well. I had no idea what size of bra I wore as I got so many conflicting sizes using the Internet to try to figure it out. I knew I would have to have myself measured and I was feeling quite apprehensive about it.
Well I got to the mall and entered and just walked around for a while taking in all the possible places I might go looking for my feminine attire. There was a Victoria Secret, a Fredric's, and a number of other department type stores to choose from.
I finally worked up the nerve to go into the Victoria Secrets. It was me and the sales lady I thought. I asked her where the bras were and she and I walked to the part of the store where they were. It was near the dressing rooms and I heard some voices from some teen girls giggling about something they were trying on. I looked at a few styles of bras and the sales lady asked me if the bra I was looking for was for my wife or girlfriend. I almost said my girlfriend but decided instead to be up front with her and see how she reacted ( I was ready to run if the reaction was the wrong one). I said to her the bra will be for me. She smiled, looked me in the eyes, and gave me this strange but sexy look. Not the reaction I was looking for but a reaction that I was satisfied with, and a little turned on by. I thought Whew! By that hurdle. I hesitated a little but I knew I was going to have to ask the next question. Will you measure me for a bra please? With no change of expression and that sexy look still in her eyes she said sure follow me. We were near the dressing rooms already and went to a part of them where the teens could not see and she took out the tape measure and measured me. I ended up to be a 38B. I said could you show me some bras that might fit me if you have some. She walked me over to the bras again and pulled out two bras and asked me if I wanted to try them on. I said absolutely. I know how much trouble my wife has buying bras for herself and will never buy one without trying it on so I knew I must try mine as well ( not to mention I was really turned on by her asking me that and really wanted to try a bra on in a public setting). So I was lead to a dressing room and as I entered she handed me the bras. One was a sexy little black number that would have made me look like a knock out and the other was a flesh colored one that possibly could be worn when I was man dressed and not be noticed much. I took my time and got the hooks all hooked and the bra adjusted in front of me and over my breasts. I could tell the bras both had more room in them than I had breasts to fit. I knew I was going to have to turn them down and they were the only styles she had in my size. I removed the bras and reluctantly and sadly left the dressing room. I told her they didn't fit and that could she notify me when any other bras came in in my size or maybe a 38A cup. She said ok.
I next went over to Fredrick's and the sales lady was more than happy t show me their selection of bras knowing also that they were for me. She seemed even more turned on by that than the VS lady. I really enjoyed that and we spent quite a bit of time looking but never found a bra that fit me. I asked her to keep an eye out for one that might fit me and call me if one came in. She said I would take a bra style that is called a balconet. Though I didn't find a bra that day I did keep shopping.
I entered the Sears store and went looking for fem clothes. I couldn't find anything I liked and soon sales lady came over and asked me if she could help me. By this time I had already seen the bras they had and none were my size. I looked at dresses and nothing grabbed me. So I said to the lady yes I'm looking for some tights for myself and usually have a hard time trying to figure out what my size is and that I really preferred sheer hose but was to heavy handed with them so I have turned to tights as they hold up better. I asked her if she had any tights that were sturdy in my size. She went off looking and eventually came back with a pair of the heaviest black tights I have ever seen and they were my size.
As I was waiting for her to return I noticed three plastic containers full of tights of many colors. I looked through them and discovered the large size seemed as if it would fit me so I selected 5 pairs of them, pink, rust, purple, beige lace, and black lace.
I took them all together with the heavy weight pair to the register and was standing in line to make my purchase. While I waited my turn to pay for them other women were standing there in line also. None of them gave me a second thought except three teens who were at the other register seeing what I was buying started to giggle at me. I ignored it and kept on keeping on. I left the store and headed home happy with my shopping trip and the things I had bought.
I'm still wearing those tights and wear the lace ones over the colorful tights to give them another dimension.
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Before I got the nerve to walk in to VS or Fredericks I would call and ask if I could be fitted! I even looked in the yellow pages to find small lingerie stores and you get personal and professional help also, some will fit you also . That is how I found Irenes in Plainville, Ct.

So tell me about that first trip there.

Hi Bahli, If you are looking for a 38A size bra try or

While I would love to do that I can't. Can you just imagine the hell to pay situation I would be in if the unapproving wife were to open that plain brown wrapped pckage and foung a bra that could only fit me and not her. Yikes.

Oh, yes there would be hell to pay.

Glad you agree. No use rocking the boat anymore then it has already. Still enjoying undersressing as much as ever. Went on a 22 mi. bike ride this morning underdressed. Sure wished I could have been en fem all the way.

Nice. Were you wearing ladies bike shorts, tights and sports bra?

Only underdressed in Magenta tights and pink bikini with a blue flower print.

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love the story i had same thing happen at fashion bug

I loved the experience, and will be doing it again as soon as I can. Still need to find a bra that fits.

Let me know next time you go shopping and I'll tag along with you if you'd like.

How in the world did I miss this message? I'd be glad to have you along when I go fem shopping. I'll let you kn ow the next time I go. OK?