C Ronaldo scored Real Madrid 1-2 defeat to Fiorentina Alonso gifts Beijing Beijing at 02:45 on August 17 (local time at 20:45 on the 16th of Poland), a club warm-up match in Warsaw National Stadium to start the race, Real Madrid 1 to 2 loss to Florence, C- Ronaldo head start, Gomez equalizer, Marcos - Alonso scored the go-ahead. Real Madrid this summer warm-up match so far without victory FIFA 14 Coins . New aid Hamei Si - Rodriguez and Navas both starter. The first two minutes, Di Maria 30 yards long shots missed. With Houboerha pass, restricted the right of small-angle Babacar Navas shot was saved by the near corner. Real Madrid rescue corner after three minutes lead, C- Ronaldo back in the forward pass, Dima Elijah restricted the right pass, C- Ronaldo broke Tui small edge of the area. The first six minutes, Di Maria 25 yards left foot shot was barely saved Neto, C- Ronaldo left the restricted area low shot was confiscated.

The first eight minutes, Vargas cross from the right, but Babacar small header slightly higher than the edge of the area. The first 13 minutes, Florence siege kick, Mary volley wide edge of the area. The first 19 minutes, Aquilani restricted area before the shot was blocked, Gomez edge of the area turned to volley the ball wide of the left post rub. The first 24 minutes, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins Pizarro left 25 yards wide of the far corner. The first 26 minutes, Hamei Si - Rodriguez 25 yards shot was confiscated within care. Florence the first 27 minutes to tie the game, Alonso return errors, Aquilani restricted the right pass, Gomez diving header 10 yards net, 1-1. The first 28 minutes, Aquilani restricted the right shot and slightly over the bar. The first 33 minutes, C- Ronaldo cross from the left Hamei Si - Rodriguez siege, Hedi edge of the area shot missed. After 1 minute, Ronaldo C- edge of the area within a half volley wide. The first 37 minutes, Hedi pass, Di Maria goal was disallowed for offside.

The second half, C- Ronaldo and Hamei Si - Rodriguez was replaced, and the new aid Benzema Cross appearance. The first 50 minutes, Mary breaking ball, Benzema broke the left side of the penalty area also was disallowed due to offside. The first 56 minutes, Borja pass, Babacar header ferry, but Vargas missed the ball away point. The first 58 minutes, Hedi pass, Benzema right side of the Buy FIFA 14 Coins penalty area 16 yards shot higher. Florence, 69 minutes ahead score, Marcos - Breakthrough Khedira and Alonso Abel Figueroa shot in the left side of the penalty area, Nacho empty block but can not stop the ball in front of the net, 2-1. The first 73 minutes, Vargas shot at 25 yards was blocked after the confiscation flutter Navas. Ramos came off the bench. The first 83 minutes Real Madrid almost equalized within Dimaliya lob edge of the area, but the ball wide of the right column rub. The first 91 minutes, Florence 3 hit three quick counterattack opportunities within ilisic edge of the area left foot shot the ball wide of the right column rub. Savage edge was booked. Real Madrid nearly four times with the Italian team warm-up three times lost. FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com
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Aug 17, 2014