Hang Up

I know it is very childish to call and hung up.  I had never done this until now.  I called him to his house and she answered.  I called to his office and I heard his voice after 5 years.

I think I'm going nuts.  I have to regain control over myself.
shitsuren shitsuren
26-30, F
3 Responses Apr 12, 2007

You're both right, I was just out of my mind these days because I discovered something about him that has left me very upset. <br />
Thanks for your advice.

Are you bored? Find exciting things to do with other people. You need a flirtation to take your mind off him. Try Internet chat rooms.

It takes time but just tell yourself no and when you feel yourself telling yourself yes, find something to do to completely take a beak from it. Like a light jog, sleep, or even a bath.