I call everyone hon, I Just think that it is simple and cute, and to the point.

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Way to go, hon!<br />
And all you other hons in this group! :)

Not me, "hon, baby, sweetheart" are only for that special person. To call everybody that to me makes it just to generic-makes me think-when someone calls me honey-they just can't remember my name or it's easy to say so they don't call me someone else! Used to break 'em on a buddy of mine, name is John when he'd call me "honey" I'd tell him "what? can't remember the name of woman you're talking too?" All in good fun though-as I really didn't care!

i think words like hon are great you never have to worry about calling someone the wrong name and have to face awkward questions, ...

Good to hear

good hon.

Im good hon, you?

hi hon. How are you?