My son's cat had her kittens just before we shifted to where we are now. We passed on the suggestion we take one of them, but after the mother cat was killed and HE was the only one left we relented and said we'd take him. On the proviso that he stay with them until we got set-up and settled. A name was chosen, Bruiser, our dogs name is Cruiser, okay when he came home the two names just didn't jell... if you know what I mean. He was so set in his ways and not ours, he was called everything under the sun...... mostly, sh ithead... I'm not proud to tell that he answers to it more than anything else. But after 4 years of answering to it , it has stuck... excuse the pun.
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Thanks Kowen... he really is 'one' but he has grown on me over the time and I would miss his funny little ways..take care.

oh poor kitty