The Man With A Million Names

My first cat was a female orange tabby, her name was Tathra, but the names I called her were Baby Boumskin and Orangeola.Tiger was my second a tabby (like my Avatar) he got called Big Boy, Mr. You, Mr.Mister Tigerboy and Mr. Possum Killer, he got a play mate a small male black and white cat that I named Belgarian but one day when he looked at me, he mentally telepathised "My name is Gorth" so it was Gorth or Little Boy.More recently where I work they had a cat called Scrootty a female tabby(like my Avatar) but I called her Scrootarnia, they now have a female tortoise shell called Tiffy, I call her Scwiffanotis and sometimes Swiffy, they also have a gorgeous male black and white called Toby, I call him Mr. Nobles, Mr. Goebachoony, Goebagoony and Gobillynoba.
My most recent cat, a grey male tabby was first called Lynx, But soon took on the name Spooky, he has too many names to list here. Some of them are Snuggleupagus, Biggy/ Mr.Biggy, Miggymagoosey, Mahugany, Mr. Boogie, Wiggles/Wiggler/Wriggles, Mr. bagoongle, Himmy hammer/Mr. Himmy, Boy, Mr. Magoosey, Magoosanabookey, Biggy Baggles, Biggy Baguacy, Hey You, Himmy hamoido and The Man With A Million Names to name the most used.
Impro303 Impro303
31-35, M
Feb 2, 2011