Is It Really So Wrong?

I call people honey.  There I said it.  Yes I am from the south but this has no bearing on the subject what so ever.  I'm really not sure why I started calling some people honey.  I don't do it to often.  I have noticed that when I see someone doing something that isn'tt quite right I will correct them by saying, "Honey, you know let me help."  Now that I've notice that I use "honey", I reserve it for my special friend and acquaintances.

"Honey, feel free to comment on this story."

orchid6 orchid6
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2 Responses Sep 2, 2008

I'm not creepy and I never intend to be condensending. But I
do say honey a lot but like you I didn't realize untill today how much I
say it. Today I was at the store and I called the cashier honey. Oops. She said in a very harsh and anoyed voice " please don't call me honey'.
So I apologized and told her I didn't mean to be disrespectful. I told
her thank you for telling me so I don't keep doing it. Then after paying I left the store. Although I was glad she said somthing I was very hurt by the way she said it. Sharp and loud for other people to hear, the center of attention. I cried after leaveing the store. So I have decided to not use terms such as that so loosley. If honey bothers them they owe it to themselves the other person to say somthing. But they should say it with kindness and respect.

Oh honey, bee-haive! I have notice you do that too and it is quite endearing. I have always been one to give people little nicknames. But only the people I like!