More Religious(atheist) Bigotry

*This story was inspired by posts a friend made. It has been heavily edited, but is 90% his original work.*

Believing one's unproven beliefs are superior to others is not prejudice, it is exclusivist religion.

The morals taught by different religions can indeed be compared.
Believing that exclusivist religions are inherently bigoted, and that all people who practice them must be bigots, is prejudice.
For example:
The morals set forth and practiced by the religion known as the "Heaven's Gate cult", and therefore for all practical purposes the religion itself, are an is inferior to the morals set forth by practitioners of Unitarian Universalism. Ergo, Heaven's Gate is inferior to Unitarian Universalism. The same thing can be said about scientology. But you should look up the Heaven's Gate cult if you don't know what it is.

Here are some questions that you should objectively ask yourself:
What about Aum Shinriko or whatever they are called, the Japanese terrorists? Is that equal, morally, to black southern baptists signing of their love for Christ? Is Japanese terrorism morally equal to a Wiccan Beltane celebration?
The answer should be quite plain.

Claiming that all exclusivist religion is prejudice is not a good way to fight prejudice.

In my experience this is a bigotry from the non-religious, but that is certainly not the rule.
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1 Response Aug 29, 2011

Some people may think this is directed at them. It is not. This story is a truth that holds regardless of who reads it, and tells of a dangerous form of bigotry.<br />
How arrogant and self centered would someone have to be to assume this is directed at one person? The answer is very much so. Such a reaction would be an indication of guilt to most people.