Today Was My First Time

But I didn't get to dial 911, I was forwarded to the dispatcher.
I work at a fast food restaurant that has breakfast. I work the early morning shift sometimes. Today when I got there, I saw a car at the drive thru window. Normally, people wait for only a few moments and leave. I walked over to open the window and saw that the man in the car was passed out on his steering wheel, and in a not normal position. Not being sure if he was drunk or just sleepy, I called the police station that happens to be right next door and told them the situation. The sent me to an emergency dispatcher anyways, and sent an office over. The first police officer was unable to wake the man, so three more showed up. We had three cop cars and a truck. They used some sort of horn (Fog horn?) to make noise. And that didn't work. A half hour later, they got him out of the drive thru and towed his car.
It was pretty funny.
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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

I think he did, but I never saw him leave the car. No ambulance showed up, so I don't think he was dead. <br />
My first instinct was that something was very wrong, and he may have possibly been dead. Probably very drunk.