First: Almost a year ago. I was mugged in Denver coming back to a friend's house from a club. He had a concealed gun, pointing right at my face, about two feet away. I was up on a small porch, up about 6 stairs - couldn't make it in the house before I saw the gun. He wanted my purse, which I threw to him. It only took all of 45 seconds or so, and then my friends were coming to the door, and he decided to take off, which I count myself very lucky for. I got inside and we called 911. It was a long, long night but of course he was never found.

Second: Just a week ago. I witnessed a car speed through a red light, missing a car that had started to go into the intersection by almost nothing. The people were very shaken up, and I managed to see and remember the license plate of the idiot who almost hit them and so I, in my anger, couldn't remember the number for dispatch but called 911. I needed to report them. I immediately told them it was NOT an emergency, so they put me on hold for a minute and then I was able to tell someone and they sent a call out. I don't know if anything ever came of it. I was so pissed, though - I almost tried following them but that could be really stupid and end up badly. Karma will get them.
Yknot Yknot
22-25, F
Feb 11, 2008