Yep, Only Once Though

Parents were gone for the weekend and I invited my girlfriend over to have a nice romantic dinner I was cooking.

The gist of the story would be better suited somewhere else, needless to say we turn to go into the kitchen, and I had a monumental grease-fire erupting from the stove. I immediately turn to her and scream "Get out of the house now!" While I assessed things. "Hmmm...grease-fire, so water's out....smother with salt or coffee powder? Nah, fire's too big, not enough of that stuff, and it's in the cabinet above said blaze....well ****, call 911 stupid!"

Oddly enough in this particular house the only phone we had was my clear narrow-styled student phone and a 100ft phone cord. I dialed 911 and started explaining the situation and such as I was running outside, I'll never forget the conversation...

"Okay, do you have a cordless phone in the house?"

"Nope just this one."

"Okay, you need to get out of the house."

"...but I am out of the house."

"But you said you don't have a cordless?"


The worst part, was while we were waiting for the firetruck we noticed that I have lit several candles in my bedroom in anticipation of the girlfriends apparence that evening. We felt really bad about that and ran back into the burning house to blow out all the candles real quick, grab our smokes, and coats!

Watching them hose-down the house was kinda traumatic, especially with not having my parents there! And we got some really nasty looks from the firefighters when we asked them if they had a light for our cigarettes.

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

That's a crazy story. I read the full version in the other experience you wrote it in. Seriously though, if you dial 911, and I know they are just trying to make sure you're safe, but why would they quibble about whether or not you were on a cordless phone? You said you were out of the house already. Glad you and she made it out safe though, had to have sucked making that phone call to your mom though.

OMG, Asking for a light is just too much.