Just 'cause

I like to call her and momma and we laugh and act dorky and compare note on the EP world and well... just because I can!

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6 Responses Mar 19, 2009

aahhh want me to call you too darlin'? Of course the little woman might not like it but I can chat her up too. :)

Hay that SQUASH kinda scared me. It must be nice when an ep friend is also a real friend. "sniff"

"Molly" had more freakin' babies this week. I just can't seem to find her but when I do SQUASH!

Holy Crow, I missed this story! :O ROFL! <br />
YEah, DOrk! It's been awhile since I hear-d from ya, too! How's that pet spider.... what's her name??? ;P<br />
Time for another chat soon!! Uggh! But not today! Loyd's sick, and I'm bout to pull my hair out with the busy day! :O

that's DRUNK DORK to you woman! HA and soon I get to lick your face in person! BRUHAHAHA!

Emerald is a Gem..... ; / Dork